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Welcome to Ceramics! Which I personally think is the best class! Where else will you be able to make a cup which says "I love mom" to get your curfew extended?

I received my BA and teaching credential from Humboldt State University. I have been teaching high school Art and Ceramics for over ten years. I started out teaching in Fort Bragg for 5 years and now am happy to call Fortuna my home and to be teaching only Ceramics.

In Ceramics 1 students learn the three hand building methods and experience the wheel. As they progress through Ceramics 2 & 3 they gain more skills and experience working on the wheel. Ceramics 4 is for the developing ceramic artist as they decide their focus and create a contract of the piece they will achieve through the year.

All students learn about various artists and art movements and how to talk about their own and others' works of art.

If your looking for an exciting class look no further for you my friend have found it! If you ever need to get in contact with me feel free to email or call anytime. I look forward to seeing what you will create.
Check out what the students are making by following our Instagram page: fuhsceramics